Information for Vendors

There are seven different "Virtual Shows" on platform:

These online events will encompass all aspects of the Tucson experience. Vendors can participate in one or more shows.

   Download Show Dates, Fee Structure, and Features (PDF)

There are significant discounts for each additional show added by the vendor.

To become a vendor in these shows, please complete the Vendor Application & Contract (PDF) and submit it, along with the show fees. For method of payment information specifics (PayPal, credit card, wire transfer, or Western Union), and/or any other questions, contact [email protected]

1. What hours does the show run? The show is open 24 hours a day but each vendor can choose what hours each day they decide to be open. 2. Do I need to be in my booth all the time? Your listings will be accessible 24 hours, seven days a week since we have visitors from around the world in different time zones. You can specify what times you will be available to talk with visitors in your "booth". Visitors can leave messages for you at any time. 3. What equipment does a vendor need? You need a computer/tablet/smartphone with compatible operating system and browsers up-to-date. To use Zoom or Skype for live video you will need a webcam and microphone. We would suggest good lighting to get consistent quality in showing yourself and/or your products. 4. What is a listing? A listing can be for a specific product, to describe a service or to provide information about your company. 5. What information is required for a listing? A listing should contain photos or videos, along with a description. It must have a unique inventory number. The price is optional. 6. What should I include in my item descriptions? Product listings should include, where appropriate, dimensions, country, locality of origin and/or provenance. 7. How do vendors add inventory to their "booth"? Vendors can add photos/videos directly or link to your existing social media content. 8. How many listings can I have? What are backup listings? The numbers of active listings you can have at any point depends on your "booth" size. You can have an unlimited number of backup listings in reserve that you can make active at any time to replace sold items. 9. How do I receive payments from my customers? What commission does take? is not involved, in any way, in sales transactions between you and your customer. will not mediate between vendors and customers.

Vendors conduct sales transactions directly with the customers. If you have an existing e-commerce infrastructure you can direct buyers to use that. If not, you will need to contact the buyer and agree on payment terms and methods with them directly. There are ZERO COMMISSION COSTS for a vendor for using
10. How do I communicate with visitors? Each booth has a live chat area where registered visitors can ask questions. You can reply either publicly, or privately using the live chat. Alternatively, if you have Zoom or Skype you can request visitors to contact you for live video chat. You can also include your email, telephone, WhatsApp, Skype, WeChat, and other contact methods in your "booth" details. does not moderate these conversations, but vendors can moderate their own chat areas. 11. Can I run special live events? You can schedule live events within platform. Visitors can register in advance and get alerts prior to your live event. You can run your live events through Zoom, Facebook Live or Instagram Live through your site or you can simply take questions and answers in your booth chat area. 12. Can I register multiple employees? Yes, depending on your booth package. You can have different staff members registered to help administer your booth and talk with customers. 13. Can I run more than one booth at a time? Yes, you can run multiple booths. For example if you have two separate businesses with different product types, you would want booths in two different shows. Or, if you carry a variety of items, you might want booths in several shows. See the Vendor Fee Structure document for details on applying for more than one booth. There are significant discounts for multiple booths. 14. Can I join any show? You can request to join any of the shows, however, is juried and has limited availability. 15. How do I make recommendations, suggestions, or report a problem? We value your input! Please give us your feedback at [email protected]. We take all your comments seriously.

Download Show Dates, Fee Structure and Features (PDF)

Vendor Application & Contract (PDF)
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