Information for Wholesale Trade Buyers

The Wholesale Show is for qualified trade buyers only. Wholesale buyers must complete a Wholesale Buyer Credential form and submit that, along with copies of their eligibility documentation, to [email protected] Once approved, wholesale trade buyers will be able to enter all wholesale areas of

Wholesale Buyer Credentials form

1. Who is eligible for trade registration? Wholesale Trade registrations are reserved for those with an established business for the resale of items related to the rock/mineral/gem/fossil/meteorite/bead/jewelry trade. 2. How do I prove eligibility? The following documentation is acceptable:

State issued tax exempt license: Annual Resale Certificate for Sales Tax (Florida); Business License; Business Tax License; Business Registry Resale Certificate (Montana); Business Tax ID # or CRS ID # (New Mexico); Certificate of Resale (Illinois); Resale Certificate (New York); Resale License; Reseller Permit (Washington); Sales and Use Tax Certificate; Sales and Use Tax Resale Certificate (Texas); State Tax ID # (Minnesota); State Tax Permit; Seller’s Permit (California & Wisconsin); Transaction Privilege Tax License (Arizona); Wholesale License (Colorado & Michigan); or Wholesale Tax Certificate.

JBT (Jewelers Board of Trade) Membership Number.

If your business is from Delaware, New Hampshire, or Oregon, which do not have tax exempt licenses, submit the following proof that your business is in one of those states: Business card with address; Brochure/ flyer or other printed advertising with address and business name; Website with address and business name; Google Maps address with business name.

If your business is from outside the United States, submit the following: Business card with address; Brochure/flyer or other printed advertising with address; Website with address; Google Maps address with vendor name on it; or Photo of business and surrounding area showing business name and location.
3. How do I make recommendations, suggestions, or report a problem? We value your input! Please give us your feedback at [email protected]. We take your comments seriously.
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